WMTD-SmallWest Michigan Tool and Die was founded in 1977 to design and build die cast mold dies. At our customer’s request, we expanded our operations in 1996 to include ARK Industrial Machining, WMT&D’s CNC Lathe Division, adding die cast machine components to our product line along with a complete line of non-die cast custom lathe turned products. West Michigan Tool and Die again expanded its capabilities by adding rapid prototype of die cast, machined billet and sand pattern parts complete through machining of various ferrous and non-ferrous materials to satisfy our customer needs.

West Michigan Tool and Die and ARK Industrial Machining operate 100% debt free and in 2005 were granted a 15 year Tool and Die Renaissance Recovery Zone by the State of Michigan. We are registered as an ISO 9001-2015 compliant company. We are also a member of the North American Die Cast Association since 1984 and a member of the Berrien Tooling Coalition since its inception in 2005. Our future growth potential looks excellent due to ongoing efforts of our sales and management team to remain consistent yet flexible with our customer needs and requirements.

The management team was led by Jerry Jackson, co-founder and majority stock holder until 1999. That year he announced his retirement and an end to the day to day management of the operations. At the time of Jerry’s retirement, Steve Jackson, son and minority share holder, became General Manager of operations and manages the day to day operations to present.

The customer base includes multiple Tier I automotive suppliers, a General Motors direct vendor code, a Whirlpool Corporation direct vendor code, and a diverse collection of automotive and non-automotive clients.

A noteworthy attribute of the business would be our location and opportunity for future expansion. We are situated on roughly 10 acres of Commercial/Light Industrial real estate, 1/2 mile off Exit 28 of I-94. This geographical position puts the company mid-way on the corridor traveled from Detroit to Chicago. Our 'campus' includes West Michigan Tool & Die, ARK Industrial Machining, ONYX Mold Polishing, and several other commercial rental properties.

Through leadership, management and lean innovations, West Michigan Tool and Die will continue to produce tooling, prototypes and industrial components that meet and exceed our customer requirements.