West Michigan Tool & Die was founded in 1977 by owner Jerry Jackson and the late Claron Carlson.  Since its inception, our company has grown from a two-man operation to its present 20-employee staff.  Annual sales have exceeded $2 million since 1998.

The facility, located at 1007 Nickerson Avenue, Benton Harbor, MI, provides more than 14,000 square feet of production space and houses the latest in tool& die manufacturing equipment.

West Michigan Tool & Die has a mission to continue the excellent reputation, quality, and integrity of the molds produced.  By putting our customers’ needs first, and by retaining the best employees in the industry, this goal will continue to be a reality.

Because die casting is constantly changing, West Michigan Tool & Die is helping die casters stay one step ahead of the competition.  Using skilled craftsman and the latest in mold making technology, West Michigan Tool & Die build precision tooling in less time and for less money, reducing project costs and elimination delays.

Providing tooling quotes in hours instead of days or weeks, our company enables your customer to write a purchase order faster and get the project moving along.  In addition, you dea with the owner, general manager, and production foreman directly, who follow projects from start to finish minimizing the approval process.

We understand good communication is critical when tracking the progress of toll production.  Our project mangers follow a program from concept through approval.